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Past sessions


Date Presenter Paper/Topic
Dec 11 2017 Matthias Merkel O Multi-scale approaches to study deformation, mechanics, and polarity dynamics in 2D and 3D tissues
Jan 08 2018 Mahesh Gandikota P Confined Cell Migration and Role of Cell Nucleus
Jan 22 2018 Michael Czajkowski O
Mechanical models for collective behavior in epithelial tissues
Jan 29 2018 Ethan Stanifer P Two structural indicator schemes in amorphous material
Feb 05 2018 Kuang Liu O Dynamic matrix in frictional rigidity transition
Feb 12 2018 Preeti Sahu P Two-Dimensional Fluid Foams at Equilibrium
Feb 19, 2018 Daniel Sussman P Folding mechanisms at finite temperature
Feb 26 2018 Robbie Rens O Elasticity of networks with rigid-backbones
Mar 12 2018 Yousra Timounay O Buckling of ultrathin sheets
Mar 19 2018 Noah Mitchell O Spinning topology in ordered and amorphous metamaterials
Mar 26 2018 Jikai Wang P Noise, Diffusion, and Hyperuniformity
Apr 02 2018 Raj De P Geometry induced rigidity in non-spherical pressurized elastic shells
Apr 09 2018 Benjamin Loewe P Topological patterning of interacting polymers
Apr 16 2018 Giuseppe Passucci O Self-propelled particle modeling, characterization, and imaging of superdiffusive mouse fibroblast cells on 2D shape memory polymer substrates
Apr 23 2018 Peter Morse P Criticality of the zero-temperature jamming transition probed by self-propelled particles
Apr 30 2018 Gonca Erdemci P Nature and anisotropy of cortical forces orienting Drosophila tissue morphogenesis
May 07 2018 Arthur Hernandez P Geometric frustration and solid-solid transitions in model 2D tissue
May 14 2018 Francesco Serafin O Topology and ground state degeneracy of smectic vesicles
May 21 2018 Mahesh Gandikota O Identification of influential spreaders in complex networks
Jun 04 2018 Matteo Paoluzzi P Swarming in the Dirt: Ordered Flocks with Quenched Disorder
Jun 11 2018 Michael Czajkowski P Fluidization of sheet-like tissues by active cell rearrangements, Time-dependent elastic response to a local shear transformation in amorphous solids, Fluidization of tissues by cell division and apoptosis
Jul 02 2018 Matthias Merkel P Hydrodynamic instabilities, waves and turbulence in spreading epithelia
Jul 23 2018 Suraj Shankar O A BKT transition in 2d active nematics and defect ordering
Jul 30 2018 Preeti Sahu P Effects of cell elasticity on the migration behavior of a monolayer of motile cells: Sharp Interface Model

A random first-order transition theory for an active glass

Mechanical and Systems Biology of Cancer

Aug 06 2018 Kuang Liu O Correlation between pebble game and dynamical matrix in experimental 2D particle packings
Aug 13 2018 Ethan Stanifer P `Quick-and-dirty’ ultrastable computer glasses
Aug 20 2018 Daniel Sussman P Comparing dynamics: Deep neural networks versus glassy systems
Sep 10 2018 Jikai Wang O Hyperuniformity in sheared suspensions
Sep 17 2018 Yousra Timounay O Buckling of floating shells
Oct 15 2018 Peter Morse P Return-Point Memory in an Amorphous Solid
Oct 22 2018 Gonca Erdemci P A fluid-to-solid jamming transition underlies vertebrate body axis elongation

In vivo quantification of spatially varying mechanical properties in developing tissues

Nov 05 2018 Diogo Estêvão Pereira Pinto O Physics@CFTC: Assembling colloidal crystals on oil droplets
Nov 12 2018 Amanda Parker P Scaling theory for mechanical critical behavior in fiber networks

Legend: “O” = Own work; “P” = Paper