Living Tissues

Understand the emergence of the materials properties of tissues, including their adaptive mechanics, the ability of different cell types to form and maintain compartment boundaries, mechanical mechanisms of cell patterning and organization. Quantify how tissue behavior at large scale is controlled by single-cell properties and the interaction of cells with the environment, and apply this understanding to developmental processes and cancer invasion.

Faculty in this area:

Photo of Jay Henderson
Associate Professor and Bioengineering Graduate Program Director Biomedical & Chemical Engineering
Office: 318 Bowne Hall Phone: : 315.443.9739 Webpage: Henderson Lab
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Photo of Yan-Yeung Luk
Associate Professor Chemistry
Office: 3-048 Center for Science and Technology Phone: : 315.443.7440 Webpage: Luk Faculty Page
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Photo of Zhen Ma
Assistant Professor, Carol and Samuel Nappi Research Scholar Biomedical & Chemical Engineering
Office: 318 Bowne Hall Webpage: System Tissue Engineering & Morphogenesis (STEM) Lab
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Photo of Lisa Manning
Member of the Executive Committee Associate ProfessorPhysics
Office: 229-G Physics Building Phone: : 315.443.3920 Webpage: Manning Group Page
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