Sven Wijtmans
At SU: Graduate student working with Lisa Manning

Kazage Utuje
Current:  Teacher at Manlius Pebble Hill
At SU: Graduate student working with Cristina Marchetti.  Thesis: “Continuum Models of Collective Migration in Living Tissues.”

Prashant Mishra
Current: Galloway School in Atlanta.
At SU: Graduate Student working with Cristina Marchetti.  Thesis: “Pattern formation in active nematics”

Jonathan Dawson
At SU: Postdoc working with Prof. Jennifer Schwarz

Duanduan Wan
Current: Duanduan will join Sharon Glotzer’s group at University of Michigan as a postdoc.
At SU:  Graduate student working with Prof. Mark Bowick

David Mayett
Current: David Mayett has joined, Highland Technology Partners LLC in San Francisco.
At SU:  Graduate Student working with Prof. Jennifer Schwarz

Oksana Manyuhina
At SU: Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow

Max Bi
Current:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Studies in Physics and Biology Rockefeller University
At SU:  Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow

Rastko Sknepnek
Current:  Lecturer in Physics and Dundee Fellow at the School of Science and Engineering at University of Dundee
At SU:  Distinguished University Postdoctoral Scholar in the Soft Matter Program

Xingbo Yang
Current: Post Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Physics & Astronomy and the Department of Engineering Sciences & Applied Mathematics at Northwestern University.
At SU:  Graduate student working with Prof. Cristina Marchetti

Shiladitya Banerjee
Current: Institute of Physics for Living Systesms Strategic Fellow at University College London,
At SU:  Graduate student working with Prof. Cristina Marchetti.  2013 Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Biological Physics Recipient

Silke Henkes
Current:  Lecturer in Physics and Applied Mathematics ICSMB, University of Aberdeen King’s College
At SU:  Postdoc in the Soft Matter Program

Tao Zhang
Current:  Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Pittsburgh
At SU: Gratudate student working with Prof. Jennifer Schwarz & Prof. Mark Bowick