Visitors and Distinguished Lecturer Program

The SLM Program will offer up to $3,000 of travel and accommodation support and $2,000 of honorarium to host up to two distinguished visitors per semester.

Each visitor is expected to stay for at least a week and deliver either a few lectures on a topic of his/her expertise at a level accessible to graduate students (a minicourse) and/or a special lecture to the entire SLM community.

Nominations should be submitted to Michelle Lissner and will be accepted on a rolling basis. The Executive Committee will examine the nominations each semester and make a selection. The nomination should include:

  1.  A brief statement by the nominator describing why SLM members and students will benefit from this visit and the topics and timing of the planned lectures.
  2.  A short-form curriculum vitae of the proposed visitor.


Note: Nominations for Spring and Summer 2018 are due March 19, 2018