The SMP group presents at the 2017 APS March Meeting

The Syracuse Soft Matter Program heads to New Orleans for the 2017 APS March Meeting.
The following is a list of presentations by our Soft Matter participants (click on the title to be taken to abstract):

A49.00001 : How do generalized jamming transitions affect collective migration in confluent tissues?
Lisa Manning
Monday 8:00 AM–8:36 AM
Room: 396

A15.00013 : Statistical Mechanics of Square Frames
Sourav Bhabesh
Monday 10:48 AM–11:00 AM
Room: 274

B17.00003: Topological defects and shapes of triatic liquid crystal vesicles
Francesco Serafin
Monday 11:39AM – 11:51AM
Room: 276

B16.00007: Rigid clusters in frictional particle packings
Kuang Liu
Monday 12:27PM – 12:39PM
Room: 275

B14.00008 : A rigidity transition and glassy dynamics in a model for confluent 3D tissues (GSNP Speaker award session)
Matthias Merkel
Monday 12:39 PM–12:51 PM
Room: 273

B23.00005 : Sheets shaping liquids and liquids shaping sheets
Joey Paulsen
Monday 1:39 PM–2:15 PM
Room: New Orleans Theater B

B16:00014: Reversibility and rearrangements in sheared 2D systems: probing saddle points in the energy landscape
Peter Morse
Monday 1:51PM – 2:03PM
Room: 275

C14.00002: Kinetics of motility-induced phase separation and swim pressure
Adam Patch
Monday 3:06PM – 3:18PM
Room: 273

C16.00005 : An elastic dimpling instability with Kosterlitz-Thouless character and a precursor role in creasing
Tyler Engstrom
Monday 3:18PM- 3:30PM
Room 275

E15.00004 : Crumpling in densely perforated membranes
David Yllanes
Tuesday 8:36AM – 8:48AM
Room 274

E9.00008: Disconnecting structure and dynamics…blah blah… glassy thin films
Daniel Sussman
Tuesday 9:48AM – 10:00AM
Room 268

E6.00010: Physical mechanisms of collective expansion in confluent tissues in an Active Vertex Model
Michael Czajkowski
Tuesday 9:48AM – 10:00AM
Room: 265

E6.00012 : A rigidity transition and glassy dynamics in a model for confluent 3D tissues
Matthias Merkel
Tuesday 10:12 AM–10:24 AM
Room: 265

E17.00009: Geometry and Mechanics of Kirigami
Suraj Shankar
Tuesday 10:24 AM–10:36 AM
Room: 276

Session H17: Homogenizing a viscous suspension without fine tuning
Jikai Wang
Tuesday 3:42PM – 3:54PM
Room: 276

L10.00010: Flocking Transition in Confluent Tissues
Matteo Paoluzzi
Wednesday 1:27 PM – 1:39 PM
Room: 269

S15.00008 Environment overwhelms both nature and nurture in a model spin glass
Alan Middleton
Thursday 12:39PM – 12:51PM
Room: 274

S15.00009 Configuration Memory in Patchwork Dynamics for Low-dimensional Spin Glasses
Jie Yang
Thursday 12:51PM – 1:03PM
Room: 274

S5.00008: Identifying mechanisms for superdiffusive dynamics in cell trajectories
Giuseppe Passucci
Thursday 1:03PM – 1:15PM
Room: 264