Topological Materials

Combine supramolecular design with the rules of geometry and topology for the design of new materials with programmable and reconfigurable mechanical and rheological response, from self-folding and shape-shifting materials to mechanical and fluid metamaterials to self-shaping sheets.

Faculty in this area:

Photo of Jay Henderson
Associate Professor and Bioengineering Graduate Program Director Biomedical & Chemical Engineering
Office: 318 Bowne Hall Phone: : 315.443.9739 Webpage: Henderson Lab
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Photo of Joseph Paulsen
Assistant Professor Physics
Office: 223 Physics Building Phone: : 315-443-3752 Webpage: Paulsen Group
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Photo of Teng Zhang
Assistant Professor Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Office: 214 Link Hall Phone: : 315.443.2969 Webpage: Zhang Research Page
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